How a New Danger is Giving me the Best Freedom

Express your ideas or lose them

M.J. Hutchison
2 min readAug 23, 2019


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My new favorite writing app is also the most dangerous.

When I experience writer’s block, it is either because I don’t believe anything I have to say is valuable or I don’t believe others will think so.

I like to write with a pen, pencil, or on my typewriter. The computer feels too close to the judgments of the rest of the world.

With my analog tools, there is nothing jumping into my writing process screaming,

HEY! you made a mistake there. See? I underlined it in red in case you didn’t notice. Go look at it.”

There is nothing telling me,

hey, you know that thing you were wondering about earlier, just click over here and you can learn all about it.

It is too easy to let low-priority items take over. Those low-priority items often include being more informed about something that doesn’t matter or making yourself look more intelligent in a moment that doesn’t matter.

The Most Dangerous Writing App has taken these issues out of the equation. It forces me to write, nonstop. Don’t stop or you’ll lose it all.

Despite how stupid I think I’ll sound when I’m writing, the last thing I want to do is lose anything. I know there is a small chance there might be a piece of gold hidden somewhere in my words.

The longer you stop writing, the closer you are to losing it all. So, just keep going or you might miss that gold you were panning for.



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