Your Plumbing, and What’s Running Through It

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We work to make money. We exercise to be healthy. We go to school to get a degree. We play the game to win the game.

The thing is, when we look at results, we don’t have complete control over how they turn out. You don’t decide how much you get paid. You don’t choose your own grades.

The only thing you have complete control over is your process.

You may not even recognize you have a process. It’s there. You just need to look for it.

Your process is the thing that leads to results. Some of it will…

Because I’m Feeling Particularly Pretentious Today

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Recently (like within the past 24 hours recent), I talked about the importance of the work in front of you. I also spoke about the importance of your process and added a little definition to what that meant.

Now, it’s time to give ‘the work in front of you’ some hi-def resolution as well.

Your WORK — as I’m gonna refer to it — is likely different from your job.

You could fall into any job that could ask any random number of things from you. But your work is your decision. …

Without an Engine, You’re a Sucker With a Dream

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Yesterday I talked about the importance of committing to a process.

I need to expand on that for two reasons:

  1. It’s admittedly vague.
  2. I’m not a self-help author pitching random advice at well-known insecurities.

The issue with self-help is that it targets insecurities. Then, it prescribes band-aid tactics that don’t address core problems.

Even worse, it does this while reinforcing inferiorities.

Now, let me make this clear. I’m no self-help author and this isn’t about me. I’m sharing my own process, and that sharing is about you.

What I mean is, as I learn and advance my career, I need…

Stop Waiting for THAT Person to Show Up

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What version of yourself are you waiting for to do what you want to do?

I don’t know what that is. Maybe you want to write, paint, start a business, or move to Paris…

What version of yourself would do that thing, and why aren’t you THAT person yet?

Do you need to be smarter, more skilled, or more experienced, to do that thing and offer your unique work to the world?

No, none of that is the problem. You might convince yourself they’re the problem to hide the truth.

If you’re not already in the process of doing or…

The Essentials Skills you Need to Make it in the World of Writing

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If you’re a writer, you can’t not write.

It’s just what you do.

When you have free time. When something is on your mind. When nothing is on your mind. When you’re stressed. When you’re trying to sort out your problems. And, of course, when inspiration strikes…

In all of these scenarios, writing is what helps. It gets you through the tough times and elevates the good times.

Writing is therapy and it is expression.

Congratulations writer, you found something that speaks to your soul.

But, I’ve got some bad news for you. …

Keeping the things that add to our lives

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We know what improves our lives. We know what makes us happy and we know we feel miserable guilt when we don’t do those things. Still, we don’t do them. Or, we do and then we stop.

We are prone to look at the problem of inconsistency as a symptom of why we are inadequate, frustrated, or ultimately not enough. Every time we drop a healthy habit we throw our arms up and sigh.

Stopping is not a symptom of why we suck, it is an example of how we are human. Whatever it is: days of writing, consistent exercise…

Simplification for acceleration

Gross photography, but the point is being made.

My Chinese study habits have remained inconsistent at best. Vermont vacations, moving to a new apartment and spending a week living with my parents didn’t help the cause, but now there is no excuse.

I’ve picked up phrases watching some Chinese shows on YouTube with my wife, mainly 狼人殺 — which became way more interesting when I started learning from it — but the overall study process of my learning remained absent.

In the past week, I made more progress toward my learning goals — especially after being embarrassed by how weak my skills are when I tried to talk…

Taking action when there are too many to take

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When I was preparing to go abroad for the first time, I had lots of options. Literally, any country other than the United States would have been new to me, and new was the goal. Even better, I was a certified teacher of English as a second language, so I had schools in multiple countries courting me. And, if I wanted more opportunities I could get them.

I wasn’t picky. When I applied to teach at a school in Kyrgyzstan and got an offer, my mind was made up. I was going. My mother had other ideas. She requested I…

Express your ideas or lose them

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My new favorite writing app is also the most dangerous.

When I experience writer’s block, it is either because I don’t believe anything I have to say is valuable or I don’t believe others will think so.

I like to write with a pen, pencil, or on my typewriter. The computer feels too close to the judgments of the rest of the world.

With my analog tools, there is nothing jumping into my writing process screaming,

HEY! you made a mistake there. See? I underlined it in red in case you didn’t notice. Go look at it.”

There is nothing…

Or, an exercise in allowing myself to profit

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Warning: Do not grab this book if you are looking for a quick read. It is not that. The girth alone(684 pages) is enough to prove otherwise.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that will compensate me for your purchase should you make one. I recommend nothing lightly and this book highly.

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss is a book containing hundreds of interviews with some of the most accomplished individuals of our day. Carrying this book with you — which I don’t recommend — is like having an army of mentors by your side at all times.


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